The Disturbing Truth About How Family Meals Are Lacking The Nourishment Our Children Desperately Need

As mums, we try to offer our kids the right foods at breakfast, lunch and dinner to be sure their growing bodies are getting all the goodness they need.  We know that children are at their best when they eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables, wholefoods and high-quality protein. But fewer than 5% of Aussie kids eat their recommended daily intake of vegetables every day.  As parents, we’re not faring much better, either. Remember, the odds are weighted against us: ‘big food’ spends billions to prey on our kids with their bright advertising gimmicks and salt-sugar-fat laden foods.

At Mindful Nutrients, we take this problem very seriously.  It’s called ‘hidden hunger’ for a reason: our modern diets stop hunger, but don’t nourish our bodies and brains adequately.  This can result in conditions like depression and anxiety, as well as a lack of focus and aggression. It’s not mumbo-jumbo: study after study confirms this.

 We’ll be waiting a while for our big-food, big-pharma, big-agricultural systems to change in ways that sustain us.  In the meantime, a scoop of our nutrient drink powder for kids, achieve+ junior, provides a powerful, scientifically validated way to easily improve your child’s mood and focus.  Click here to find out more about our trial size: