Stronger Together

"we know that collective light is real," writes Brene Brown.  "And powerful.  And in the face of hatred and bigotry and cruelty and everything that dark sky stood for, we [are] so much stronger together".

It takes courage for a child to open up to the challenges they face at school, at home, or in the playground.  For those who love them, it can be daunting to know how to help.  Ideas proliferate, and it can be hard to know what's backed by evidence, and what's just wishful thinking.

That's why we are about to begin clinical trials of achieve+ junior in conjunction with one of Australia's leading practitioners in the field, Dr. Jacques Duff, and his colleagues at Victoria University.

Results should be published around the middle of this year.

In launching Mindful Nutrients and listing achieve+ junior as a medicine with the ARTG (Aust L319171), we have drawn great inspiration from Seth Godin's work.  I've participated in many of his courses (, and read his blog daily at .  

Recently, Seth linked to the European Southern Observatory (ESO): a collaborative endeavour by governments to learn more about the universe around us.

Click on the link below to see the power of this approach in action.  From a distance, the Milky Way is a band of light in an overwhelmingly dark cosmos. 

But, with the power of the ESO telescope's images, taken over many months, this light transforms into brilliant, individual stars with just a click of your mouse.  Have a go!

By recognising our unique strengths and offering community to those willing to participate, we do indeed help those we love grow to be capable of sharing their own, unique light.