Getting Personal

Starting your own business is pretty challenging.  How do you bring your idea to life?  How do you begin to share what you know with people who want to find out? 

This becomes even more challenging when you're dealing with issues as tricky as children's behaviour, and conditions like anxiety and depression.    

It's because we really can make a difference that we've battled to overcome the odds.  We've navigated the demands of manufacturing, legals, and regulators get this formulation out of the scientific journals, and into your hands.

I have been so encouraged by the interest and support of friends, family and strangers who have heard news of my work.  Make no mistake, you're the people who have given me the courage to get myself off the farm and in front of the people who can be helped by all the wonderful science that's emerging in this new field of nutritional psychiatry.

I think of you when I'm making another call to a GP, or a psychiatrist, a researcher, and when I'm picking up the phone to answer questions from someone who wants to learn more about Mindful Nutrients.

It does get easier.  We are building a network of wonderful people all around the world who are determined, like me, to make a real change for the better.

We know it will take time, but everything worthwhile takes effort.  

Thank you so much for your support.