First Aid - it's not all about the medicine!

Medicine can't fix everything!

We know that the way we nourish our bodies directly impacts our mental health and our ability to focus and learn.  And we also know that, for many parents, it’s not possible to achieve this adequately through diet.  I am a mother to two children, so I am faced daily with the challenge of preparing nourishing meals they will eat!

That's why I created achieve+ junior.  It's an evidence-based medicine that helps relieve mild anxiety and improves mood, stamina and memory. 

Looking at mental health and learning through the lens of nutrition is also a great way to encourage us to think more broadly.  What does it take to raise happy, healthy, confident and optimistic children?  These are the children who can grow into adults capable of safeguarding the future of our planet!  

By this, I don’t necessarily mean grand, heroic gestures either. 

In my life, it has been the small kindnesses that have often meant the most.  The warm embrace of a caring friend, sharing of the joys and sorrows of life, a child’s tiny hand, held in mine.  Music that transports me.

Is this the world we are showing our children?  

Many times, when physical disability or challenges with mood and learning enter the picture, it can be easy to absorb a narrative that defines our child in terms of their difficulties and limitations.  It has taken time for me to challenge this idea in my own life.  Being born with one hand might make me physically different from most other people, but it was the story I told myself that caused me the most significant pain.  Now I see that this difference has been a great gift.  

How can I help other children see that their uniqueness is something to celebrate?

I hope that this might start by sharing my own story.

I’ve created a short video to introduce myself to you and would love you to get in touch with me if you have any questions or ideas for ways we can encourage our precious children.

Hi from me

If you can, take a few minutes to check out this beautiful video too:

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