Calling for Transformation

Listening to the TED Climate Countdown reminds me again that business as usual is over. 

For our planet.  For our community.  For our business. 

But all of the solutions are going to come from thinking differently.

And this starts with each one of us.  Thinking differently, together. 

And what that means is listening to the voices that have been on the sidelines for too long. 

We have allowed conventional, conformist thinking to allow business as usual for too long. 

We need divergent thinking about the most important questions.  And this means we need to give people with divergent intelligence the support we need to thrive and to contribute to a global dialogue. 

To start with, an environment and technologies that innovate around challenges.  

Neurodivergence carries a burden of anxiety and depression that comes with seeing the world as it could be, often in stark contrast to how it is.

Physical challenges and difficulty in communication are a reality, but the price we all pay for not pausing to listen is far too high. 

Our planet thrives on diversity. The complexity of even a small patch of the (ever diminishing) rainforest has kept our air cleaner, and sheltered an ecosystem and creatures of breathtaking beauty and intricacy. 

The intricate, unique structures that form the basis of even the tiniest snowflake. 

The magnificent interaction between the myriad microbes in the human biome, which govern so much of our learning and mood. 

Understanding that we can do much to improve the individual experience of people we might previously have termed disabled is no longer the responsibility of just the individuals, carers and families. 

Instead, it is a global opportunity to introduce a new way of understanding what it means to be an inclusive and creative community. 

We can do so much better.