Big Changes

The past month has brought huge change in my family’s life.

Our farm is on the Victorian/ South Australian border.  The farmhouse is located in Victoria, but the only exit is through South Australia.  When the border closed, we were going to be left with no way out.  Within four hours, we had packed everything we needed, cleaned the house and left.  I have now settled with the children in a beautiful small seaside town in South Australia.  They have been enrolled in the local primary school, and have adapted well. 

There is a challenge in running the farm with these restrictions, now eased, but still in place.  The situation could change at any moment, but for now it’s possible to get the necessary work done.  From an animal welfare perspective, it’s essential that this continues: livestock require constant care and attention, and this is a labour intensive and demanding responsibility. 

Many people have experienced similarly dislocating and challenging events during the COVID-19 pandemic, in Australia and across the world.  Taking a broader view, it’s worth remembering too that the UN has identified that nearly 80 million people have been displaced by food insecurity, warfare, or environmental or other forms of catastrophe at the end of 2019 UN statistics on displaced people.  

The circumstances of our move have been easy in comparison.  Nations ravaged by war and drought offer no safe shelter to people forced to flee.  Our food supply is secure, and we are housed safely and warm in a town that experiences no political unrest nor persecution.  

This sudden move has shown me once again how one decision can lead to a cascade of consequences, both positive and negative.  The decision to close the border protected the citizens of South Australia from the pandemic encroaching from Victoria’s recent outbreak, but led to a rupturing of the relationships and working life of everyone caught in the middle.  

It has also made me consider the way in which small decisions I make in my business and daily life can have major consequences in my own life and the community more broadly.

Recently, Mindful Nutrients has initiated a partnership with B1 G1: Business for Good.  They call for each of us to imagine what the world might be like if we could change lives every day just by doing what we do Buy One, Give One.

For Mindful Nutrients, this means that every time you buy a bottle of achieve+ junior, we will support the education of a child with special needs in Nepal. Education for kids with special needs.

Our priority is to support children to grow into their unique and brilliant potential.  We don’t believe this opportunity should be restricted to children in our own immediate vicinity, but rather that this is a right common to children around the world.  We are excited by this new partnership, and are glad that these principles can be embedded into the core of our business right from the start.

One of the most important ways we can do this is to ensure that our children are nourished so that their bodies and brains can develop optimally.  Our nutraceutical medicine, achieve+ junior, is a combination of 36 high-potency vitamins and minerals that have been shown in evidence to:

  1. Relieve symptoms of mild anxiety, and decrease symptoms of stress;
  2. Promote learning ability and function; 
  3. Enhance cognitive performance;
  4. Improve synthesis of neurotransmitters; and
  5. Improve memory.

achieve+ junior will also support your child’s:

  • Brain/ gut interaction;
  • Metabolic rate;
  • Energy levels; and
  • Ability to cope with environmental stress.

It supports overall health, including:

  • Supporting a healthy acid/ alkali balance in the body;
  • Aids tooth development;
  • Enhance nail health;
  • Promoting healthy growth and development;
  • Supporting eye health;
  • Enhancing bone health; and
  • Improving brain health.

Julia Rucklidge is a leading researcher in this emerging field of nutritional psychiatry.  She gave a TED talk that explains the significance of nutrition to mental health.  This is an exciting overview, and gives you an insight into why we created our product, achieve+ junior.  It is one thing to know that we need a nutritious, varied diet, another altogether to ensure that we manage this every day.  It’s even more of a challenge when our children are fussy, picky eaters, and prefer to eat the same foods day in, day out.  

It’s less than 20 minutes long, but it will change the way you think about what you and your kids eat, how happy you are, and how well you can focus and learn.  

The Surprisingly Dramatic Role of Nutrition in Mental Health

We know that changing our eating habits is a challenge, but it’s important.  What we offer is a way to supplement the lack of nutrients in the meantime, and to support you and your children in living a life that is as happy and productive as it can possibly be.

Please subscribe to our mailing list for updates.  I’d really love to hear from you as you see the impact that your medicine has on your children’s happiness and ability to learn and focus, and how it’s helping you as an adult too, of course!