• nourishing your child one scoop. every day.

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nourishing your child one scoop. every day.

how will achieve+ junior help?

is your child missing out?

the right nutrients are crucial to our children's learning ability, focus & memory.

they also make a huge difference to how happy they feel, & how they deal with stress & anxiety.

the problem is, they don't eat the food they need.

that's where we can help.

one scoop, once a day.

simple. safe. effective.

they can't afford to miss out.

what kids say about mindful nutrients

Xander, 12 years

"Gradually, I've developed more confidence and energy. More stamina, too."

Toby, 15 years

"Since I started the nutrients I’ve got the creativity back and the happiness back, and I don’t get so distracted anymore"

Harry, 14 years

"I found it easier to relax and go to sleep"

help them achieve their potential. now.

Victorian Government

We were grateful to be awarded a Boost Your Business Grant by the Victorian State Government in 2019, which helped assess our early-stage feasibility.  

Food Innovation Grant Recipient

Rocket Seeder

We were privileged to participate in this program as we launched Mindful Nutrients.  The Accelerator is designed to support entrepreneurial ventures in food and agriculture that align with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Food and Agricultural Start-up Accelerator

The Business of Food

This workshop encouraged us to consider innovative ways to engage in the global food system, both as farmers and to address the issue of 'hidden hunger'.

Seth Godin, Will Rosenzweig (Sustainable Food Initiative, UC Berkeley)

why it works

optimum absorption

The ingredients are in the form that the body can use most efficiently.

no guesswork

One scoop (included) in a glass of water, milk or juice. 

safe and effective

Our formulation is manufactured according to the strictest standards.  We have certification from Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration. 

our medicine delivers what it promises

achieve+ junior by Mindful Nutrients Listed Medicine AustL 319171

what's inside?

video recipes